Lilith L'Amour.

Not knowing if you’re okay unsettles me, I guess I need to push you out of my head. I miss you.



Bottle cap eye injury


cosmovsgoku asked: We should catch up over coffee!! It's been ages! You, me and Nyssa =)

I’m down for that, when are you guys free?

peppermint-mermaids asked: Yes please yes please. We should have a sleep over at mine with Shelley :)

Super happy fun times!

Anonymous asked: Don't let any one ever make you feel like you are worthless.

I more than anyone else is the one who tells me such things.

Anonymous asked: Quick question! I've been following you for a while and I've always wondered something. You say you're bisexual; how many females have you been with and how many males have you been with, and how were those experiences?

If ‘been with’ means committed relationships then I’ve been with five males and no women. I’ve had an off and on fling with a girl before but it didn’t end up in a relationship of sorts. I find women more sexually appealing but don’t often come by queer girls I fancy, in the past most of my crushes have been on straight girls. I Guess I didn’t really know many single queer girls before the relationship I’m in now.